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I am the Math Guy.  Prior to retiring from my ‘day job’ I had worked with the teachers in Seattle Public Schools and with the Math Science Partnership Project thru the Park City Math Institute, Eastern Washington University and the University of Washington.  I also have enjoyed visiting and working with the Pre-Service Math Educators at WSU each year. 

  • This year I will be working with another great set of young people from all over the country and the world through SCHOLARS ONLINE. We will be exploring the first three courses in high school mathematics - Geometry, Advanced Algebra, & Pre-Calculus.  Use this link to find additional information.  I look forward to a robust set of classes and totally engaged set of students.  I will be introducing GUIDED NOTES this year to enable my students to gain the most from both the readings and the in-class discussions.
  • In addition, I will continue to be available for professional development training around Geometer Sketchpad, Texas Instruments – TI-84’s and Nspires.  My students have introduced me to DESMOS which adds to other web-based dynamic tools. 


This page is designed with links to items of interest or support materials for teachers, students or parents. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact me directly. Thanks. 


The Math Guy



The Math Forum Offers Four different Problems of the Week

·       The first is for the Math Fundamentals

·       The second is the Pre-Algebra

·       Followed by Algebra

·       And finally, Geometry

I would, also, encourage you to checkout an e-paper that I helped author at The Math Forum.



I had been involved in a number of projects during my tenure in Seattle Schools

·       Here are the files that I have been using during my coaching in the past years.

·       For assistance with the WASL, I have put together two links:

o   Middle School

o   High School

·       For copies of the following

·       Unit Organizers for the CMP

·       A Unit Organizer

·       Lesson Planners

o   A CMP Lesson Organizer

o   A CMP2 Lesson Organizer

o   An Expanded Lesson Organizer

·       A Vocabulary Builder (Frayer Model)

·       Problem Solving Organizer

·       Elementary Learning Cycle

·       Parent Resource Information:

o   HelpingHandout.doc is a series of 3 articles adapted form the Prentice Hall website

o   Handout.doc is a condensed version of the same. They are designed to help parents help their kids at home.



Other Projects that I have been working on include:


·      Some of my recent presentations

·      My Tetrahedron Kite Presentation

·      My Origami Lesson.

·      PCMI

·      NWMI

·      PD-Cubed



Here is a great resource for some crazy ideas. And the best thing is that Bre Pettis was a student while I was teaching at Bellevue High School and we taught together while he was at Meany Middle School in Seattle.  Check out "Weekend Projects - Picnic Geometry."



Pam Boroughs has created a great rubric for helping students self-assess their progress and effort.
Click here to see it with the option to download it.




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